Greater Manchester Waits Tier Decision, What’s the Next?

The government will inform today if Greater Manchester will stay in Tier 3 or they will go Tier 2.People wonder how the changes will affect them, especially for the Christmas season.

The review started on Wednesday according to the data from NHS that shows infection rates, cases, and the effects of coronavirus restrictions for every region. Today, it is expected that Health Secretary, Matt Hancock will make a speech on the topic. The time is not clear, yet.

Even with the decreasing infection numbers in overall Manchester, it is still unclear whether or not Greater Manchester will go Tier 2. Many parts of Greater Manchester now have lower infection rates comparing the remaining part of the UK.

Boris Johnson recently talked about the current coronavirus restrictions and said that they are planning to create a “safer” Christmas for everybody and also added the restrictions will stay longer.

Greater Manchester waits for the decision on Tier change and people want to know what will be next thing for Manchester. Any changes on Tier which will be announced today might be applied this Saturday( 19th of December) at 12.01 am.

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