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Locked-down MMU students given two-week rebate on rent

Students at two halls of residence to receive compensation

Some good news for students locked-down at Birley Campus in Hulme or in Cambridge Hall on Cavendish Street.

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) students in those two buildings will receive a two-week rent rebate.

There are nearly 1,500 students currently self-isolating inside those buildings.

Those students must stay indoors for two weeks.

There are 137 positive cases of COVID-19 linked to both campuses.

The affected MMU students will also receive a £50 Asda gift card.

University students have a few other perks coming their way including:

– Free use of laundry facilities with complimentary washing powder.

– Free essential cleaning supplies like liquid soap, hand sanitizer, sanitizing spray, toilet roll, and hand gel.

– Access to emergency toiletry supplies.

The value for the two-week rebate varies depending on which hall they reside in.

For Cambridge Halls, rent relief will be a minimum of £112 per week.

Some halls at Birley could get as much as £159 per week.

Coronavirus numbers continue to spike in Manchester. (JSL)

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