More Than A Dozen Greater Manchester Police Staff Breached Covid Rules

According to the latest figures, more than a dozen Greater Manchester police staff that includes frontline officers breached COVID-19 regulations in the first year of the pandemic. Even the force has responded to tens of thousands of COVID-19 related incidents since the first lockdown, it can now be revealed that 16 of GMP’s staff were among the significant minority of people who are responsible for breaking Covid rules.

Freedom of Information(FOI) requested a detailed report on coronavirus regulations breaching from the Local Democracy Reporting Service. The report showed that 11 officers, one police community support officer, and four civilian staff members from GMP breached COVID-19 regulations between March 2020 and March 2021. The most common breach of restrictions was illegal social gatherings that were reported 10 times.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham’s office said: “We want to thank the public of Greater Manchester, the vast majority of whom have abided by various forms of often quite complicated restrictions on their freedoms for many months.”

“Greater Manchester Police rightly prosecutes individuals caught breaking the law – anyone caught breaching the Coronavirus Act should expect to face the consequences, no matter one’s status or profession.”


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