Coronavirus Is Rising –With Infection Rate Over 600 Since the Start of The Pandemic

Covid-19 still continues its effect on Greater Manchester. The infection rate of over 600 is recorded in four boroughs in Greater Manchester and the experts express their worries for higher rates.

Oldham and Wigan with Salford and Rochdale have become one of the first boroughs that a rate of 600 per 100,000 people. 2,606 new cases are recorded in Greater Manchester today that the number is one of the highest numbers have recorded it so far. Odham with a 655.0 infection rate has the highest cases of Coronavirus.

Apart from Odham, Salford and Rochdale also have a serious increase in the numbers of the pandemic. With 617.4 and 610.6 infection rates respectively, the boroughs face the highest number of pandemic cases after Odham.

The latest figures show that the UK has started to record the highest daily number of deaths in five months. Dr. Yvonne Doyle, medical director of Public Health England expresses the pandemic situation and warned for the figures. She also said that Coronavirus was likely to “continue for some time”.

Due to the increasing infection rate of Covid-19, new precautions are likely taken in Greater Manchester. The doctors warned people to be more careful against coronavirus.

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