Christmas and Coronavirus: The Government Warned People

As Christmas is coming, the UK government has warned people to celebrate Christmas as “ smaller” and “safer” this year due to coronavirus restrictions.

Boris Johnson spoke at the Downing Street conference on Wednesday and said the government reached an agreement on the festive period at coronavirus pandemic. He said, “Having looked at the latest data with our colleagues in the devolved nations administrations, we have decided the overall situation is alas more challenging than when we first set the rules.”

After the government argued on the topic, the experts in the medical field explained that even current coronavirus restrictions, people should keep social distancing longer. The experts advise minimizing the number of people who are gathering and warned people not to stay away from their homes if it is possible.

The government warned people to minimize the people who they contact and explained the current restriction will remain longer. Also, the government advised people to stay away from the shopping crowd during the Christmas season.

Chris Whitty, The Chief Medical Officer, said that “ The smaller the number the households that meet together the less transmission there will be. Keep it short because the shorter the people they are together the less risk their is of transmission occurring.”



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