80 Fines for Coronavirus Restrictions Over The Weekend, Including A Huge Party

Greater Manchester Police(GMP) said that more than 80 fines for coronavirus rules were issued only this weekend. Even the police officers found a party in an industrial unit with more than 100 people.

On Saturday night, police officers got a report that 10 people in the yard having a party on Mary Street. After they came to the place, they saw more than 100 people were there. GMP officers issued 17 fines to the party that is fixed penalty notices.

GMP announced that more than 600 fines have been issued since 2 November due to illegal parties and gatherings.

Assistant Chief Constable Nick Bailey said: “The world is currently facing a public health crisis and breaking such regulations is simply against the law and selfish.”

GMP officers also said that they will continue to protect the safety of the public’s health and warn everyone to obey the rules.

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