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“Fighting back for fairness”

Local leaders “unanimously opposed” to Tier 3 lockdown

Local leaders around Greater Manchester are uniting against the UK government’s Tier 3 lockdown rules.

Labour Mayor of the region, Andy Burnham calls these rules “flawed and unfair”.

He says this measure would be a “punishing lockdown” without “proper support” for the people or businesses it affects.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says leaders need to “set aside party politics” and work with the government.

Burnham and other leaders in the region are outraged at the new plan.

A Tier 3 system means the closure of pubs and a ban on household mixing indoors.

It also bans meetings in private gardens and most outdoor venues.

Burnham says ministers “are asking us to gamble our residents’ jobs, homes and businesses and a large chunk of our economy on a strategy that their own experts tell them might not work.”

The chancellor’s job support scheme means that employees at firms that shut down will get 67% of their pay from the government.

Greater Manchester is looking for an 80% furlough scheme for all affected workers.

They also want 80% income support for the self-employed.

In the grand scheme of things, the decision is in the hands of the central government who don’t need local leaders to agree.

Greater Manchester is among the hardest-hit regions when it comes to the coronavirus. (JSL)


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