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Manchester United hit by cyber attack

Club says fan data is safe

Manchester United’s systems have been attacked by cybercriminals.

The systems had shut down for a while as a result of this.

The club says they’re confident it won’t affect today’s match against West Brom at Old Trafford.

United came out with a statement regarding the situation.

“The club has taken swift action to contain the attack and is currently working with expert advisers to investigate the incident and minimize the ongoing IT disruption.”

“Although this is a sophisticated operation by organized cybercriminals, the club has extensive protocols and procedures in place for such an event and had rehearsed for this eventuality.”

“Our cyber defences identified the attack and shut down affected systems to contain the damage and protect data.”

The club says they aren’t aware of any breach of personal data from supporters.

They’ve spoken with the Information Commissioner’s Office about the attack.

That office is conducting forensic tracing to try to get more details on the matter.

A spokesperson for the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said: “We are aware and currently investigating a cyber-related incident at Manchester United Football Club.”

The team’s media channels, the website, and the official app all fine despite the attack. (JSL)

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