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Local Elections In May: Elections Under Coronavirus

Local elections set to go ahead in May -as planned before. Even with all concerns that local elections might be postponed due to coronavirus pandemic, it is announced that local elections will be in May.

According to BBC, the voters will have to bring their own pencil to mark their ballot paper to the elections and will have to wear masks under coronavirus restriction.

For all details, an announcement is expected today from the government.

For London, the elections will be made for the mayor and assembly that were originally due to take place last year.

Across the rest of England, a mixture of councilors, local mayors, regional mayors, and police commissioners will be chosen by the voters.

Also, new parliaments in Scotland and Wales will be choosing in May-a a decision on whether or not there will go ahead by their respective government.

The local election is also known as “Super Thursday” means every voter in Great Britain will take part in at least one election. Apart from a general election, that election will be the biggest event.

For the following days, all restrictions and regulations for the elections under coronavirus restrictions will be announced by the government.

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