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Top 5 Manchester Places Every Vegan Should Visit

Junk food or health drive, Manchester has enough variety to suit every vegan.

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Going out for a tired side-salad and a bowl of chips is now a thing of the past, with quick and easy vegan restaurants and options popping up all over UK cities. While the addition of fast-food chains’ vegan sausage rolls, vegan burgers, and veggie wraps are all amazing for vegan food on the go, it is incredible to find a vegan restaurant: a place where there are multiple mouth-watering items on the menu for you to choose from. With the popularity of veganism rising, it is time to show our friends that vegan food doesn’t always mean a spicy bean burger or a mushroom in a bun. 


Yes, the typical vegan diet is full of veg. But sometimes all you want is a good vegan hot dog, greasy chips, and a milkshake. With all the fast food you can ask for, V-Rev offers a wide selection of burgers, hot-dogs, pancakes, and mac&cheese; all completely vegan! Anybody new to veganism, or those who just miss food they used to love, will adore the way V-Rev replicates the taste and texture of their favourite meaty meals. 

With a welcoming and quirky atmosphere, V-Rev offers vegans the chance to live a diner experience. Another great plus is the level of inclusivity here, the gender-neutral toilets ensuring everyone, regardless of gender, feel comfortable. 

The Allotment Vegan Eatery 

For vegans who prefer the healthier options, there’s no need to look any further than The Allotment Vegan Eatery. The menu here contains a variety of colourful and nutritious dishes. Their delicious meals centre around tofu, jackfruit, vegetables, quinoa, and not forgetting their best-selling banana blossom ‘fish’ and chips. The Allotment has won multiple awards. In 2020 alone it was labeled the best vegan restaurant in the North and within the top 50 vegan restaurants in the world! 

Earth Cafe

Looking for a good value, vegan restaurant with tonnes of variety and flavour? Well lucky for you, you have found your perfect match with the Earth Cafe. This venue has an ever-changing menu of satisfying, and healthy vegan options. It doesn’t matter whether you fancy quinoa, a bean chili, houmous or even a cheeky cheesecake, Earth Cafe has it all! 

Here, you will find reasonable pricing and beyond high quality. This is the perfect venue to pop to on your lunch break, or before a busy afternoon at the Arndale. Just remember to bring your cash, as card payments are not accepted here! 

Bird and Blend 

For any tea-lovers out there, Bird and Blend in the Northern Quarter is a must-visit! They have over 70 loose-leaf blends, ranging from the classic English Breakfast to the Hot Mama Jama (chili, passionfruit, and lime). No matter what you’re in to, Bird and Blend will have a flavour for every tastebud. 

It’s a perfect place to browse a tea shop or grab a brew from the takeaway service. Either way, Bird and Blend will be your cup of tea. 

Ice Shack 

An afternoon of ice cream and games will take you right back to your childhood at the wonderful Ice Shack in Withington. Their website states that they wish to offer a ‘unique, quirky experience’, and there is no doubt that they deliver this promise. The range of vegan sweet treats is bound to make your mouth water. The selection includes ice cream, cakes, waffles, cookies, and sorbets – but the list goes on. From board games to arcade games, there is entertainment for all in this one of a kind venue.

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