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Potential opponents for Manchester United revealed

A look at who the Reds could face in the Champions League

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We will soon know at least one of the potential opponents for Manchester United in the Champions League next season.

 After a season away from the Champions League Manchester United are eager to take on the best clubs in Europe once again in 2020/21.

The identity of the teams in pot 1 of the draw will be a stern test no matter who the Reds are drawn with.

Last year’s best

Pot 1 includes many sides that Man U will be very familiar with.

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Bayern Munich who both played in the Champions League final are two of the teams that United could face in the group stage.

Two of the best

Because they were champions of their respective domestic leagues, Real Madrid and Juventus are two more of the potential teams they could see in the opening stage.

The Other Champions

2004 Champions League winners Porto are in the same pot as well along with Zenit Saint-Petersburg.

Finally, Europa League winners Sevilla could face the Reds very soon after knocking them out of the Europa League this past season.

EPL Champions Liverpool are in pot 1 as well but cannot be drawn with Man U as UEFA rules state teams from the same country can’t play each other until at least the quarter-finals.

Full Breakdown

Here is a full breakdown of the first group of potential opponents for the Reds:

Pot 1

  • Bayern Munich
  • Juventus
  • * Liverpool
  • Porto
  • PSG
  • Real Madrid
  • Sevilla
  • Zenit Saint- Petersburg

The * denotes the fact Liverpool and Man U cannot be drawn in the same group together.

This season’s Format

 It’s important to note due to the condensed schedule some things will change will others stay the same.

The knockout stage will see two-leg matches again in the traditional format.

The qualifying format which is already underway will be one leg encounters.

We’ll break down the other pots in the draw in the near future.

We won’t known Manchester United’s official opponents until the draw October 1. (JSL)

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