Successful Warrant Executions in Platt Bridge Area

In the ongoing battle against criminals operating in Wigan, the district has witnessed a series of successful warrant executions in the Platt Bridge area. These operations primarily focused on combating drug-related offences and recovering stolen property, have been instrumental in addressing community concerns about anti-social behaviour.

To achieve these significant results, the Neighbourhood Crime Team collaborated closely with local officers and partners, leveraging their expertise to gather and develop valuable intelligence. This crucial information played a pivotal role in obtaining the necessary warrants.

The impact of these operations has been encouraging, leading to a notable decrease in serious acquisitive crimes, most notably burglary, theft, and vehicle-related offences. The increased police presence and targeted activities in the area have proven effective in curbing criminal activities.

Among the recovered items are several stolen motorbikes, quad bikes, cars, caravans, power tools, and gardening equipment. The authorities are currently working diligently to reunite these items with their rightful owners. Additionally, significant seizures of cash, drugs, and even a firearm have been made during these operations, resulting in nine arrests.

However, the fight against crime in the area continues, with the police actively gathering more intelligence on suspects. To maximize the impact, collaboration with partners from Wigan Council has been crucial. By utilizing all available powers and policies, law enforcement aims to tackle criminality sustainably and comprehensively.

By executing targeted warrants, recovering stolen property, and apprehending criminals, these operations not only disrupt criminal networks but also enhance community safety. Such collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies, local officers, and partner organizations demonstrate a proactive approach to combating crime and ensuring a secure environment for residents.

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