Greater Manchester Police Continues to Make Strides in Crime Reduction and Victim Protection

Greater Manchester, UK - May 8, 2024 - Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is proud to announce significant progress in its ongoing commitment to safeguarding the communities of Greater Manchester. The recently released Home Office crime figures for 2023 underscore the success of GMP's concerted efforts in crime reduction and improving outcomes for victims.

The figures reveal a commendable reduction in overall crime across Greater Manchester, accompanied by a noteworthy increase in outcomes. This translates to fewer victims and a higher rate of offenders being brought to justice. This accomplishment is a testament to GMP’s steadfast dedication to its ‘back to basics’ approach, initiated three years ago with the promise of substantial improvements in combating crime, protecting victims, and ensuring community safety.

“We’re continuing our journey to be the best force we can be for the people of Greater Manchester,” stated a GMP spokesperson. “Our commitment to problem-solving policing remains unwavering as we strive to enhance community safety and shield our residents from harm.”

One of the key pillars of GMP’s success lies in its swift and efficient response to incidents. With an impressive team of nearly 8,200 officers—the most in GMP history—GMP has bolstered its capabilities through strategic recruitment and investment. Enhanced response times, improved victim support, and a proactive approach to tackling criminal activity have resulted in tangible outcomes.

GMP’s dedication to proactive policing is evident in its exemplary track record. The force has witnessed a remarkable 48% increase in crime resolution compared to three years ago, with notable reductions in neighbourhood crime. GMP’s commitment to combatting specific crimes, such as residential burglary, has yielded remarkable results, with a 77% increase in burglary offenses solved.

Furthermore, GMP has achieved notable reductions in various crime categories, including burglary (24%), robbery (10.3%), vehicle crime (18.2%), violent crime (6.4%), and theft (4.8%). The force’s road policing unit has also contributed significantly to road safety, seizing thousands of unfit vehicles and witnessing a substantial decrease in road-related fatalities and injuries.

GMP remains unwavering in its efforts to enhance justice for victims of sensitive crimes, particularly cases of rape and violence against women and girls. With a doubled rate of solved rape offenses and a significant increase in domestic abuse arrests, GMP is actively addressing these critical issues and striving for justice and support for all victims.

As Greater Manchester Police continues its relentless pursuit of a safer, more secure community, it reaffirms its commitment to excellence in policing and its dedication to serving the people of Greater Manchester.

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