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Manchester University Made An Announcement After Tier-4 Restrictions

After new restrictions for Greater Manchester, Manchester University made a call to students that they should stay away from the university or if they have to return, they should do coronavirus test.

Manchester University made an announcement on what the students should do after the strictest rules of the region, Tier 4 rules have been started to be valid for Greater Manchester.

The university advised the students to stay at home. The students who have to return to the university to complete their education should do PCR coronavirus tests for both their health and others.

Last September, the students of Manchester University shared their concern on the management of the university and Fallowfield was one of the hotspot coronavirus regions of Manchester. Also, metal fencing started a big protest at the university campus.

For that term, the university advised the students to stay away from the university.

On the university’s website, Professor April McMahon, Vice-President for Teaching, Learning, and Students, said: “Government guidance is very clear that we should avoid student travel and mixing at the start of the year, wherever possible, as this poses a significant risk of increasing infections. We will therefore continue with only limited in-person on-campus teaching and assessments on some accredited programmes, for the remainder of Semester 1 in January. If you are already in Manchester, you should therefore remain here; and if you do not need to travel here in January, you should not do so.”

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