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Lockdown Rules Have Showed The Effects: The Latest Figures of Coronavirus For Greater Manchester

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After the lockdown measures, coronavirus infection rates for some regions of Greater Manchester has started to fall. Five boroughs in Greater Manchester recorded a decrease in cases for the first time after two weeks.

According to the figures of Public Health England, the latest infection rate of the region was 419.30 cases per 100,000 on January 11.

Coronavirus cases have started to fall in five boroughs: Wigan, Trafford, Stockport, Rochdale, and Oldham. It is expected that the infection rates of other boroughs also will decrease for the next weeks.

Here is the list of the latest figures of coronavirus for every borough :


The latest infection rate of Manchester is 471.4. Manchester still has the highest infection rates f the region. There is an 11% increase in infection rate comparing last week.


Bury is the second borough of Greater Manchester that has one of the highest infection rates. The infection rate of Bury is 452.9. There is a 6% increase in the infection rate.


The cases are still rising in Salford. Salford recorded an 11% increase in coronavirus infection rate. The new infection rate of Salford is 448.2.


In Wigan, new lockdown rules showed their effect. With a 9% decrease in cases, the infection rate of Wigan is 436.6 for this week.


Trafford is another borough that recorded a decrease in coronavirus infection rates. With a 7% decrease, the infection rate of Trafford is 436.1.


The coronavirus cases of Stockport started to fall.401.1 is the latest figure of Stockport for coronavirus infection rates. There is a 6% decrease in figures comparing the previous week.


Rochdale also recorded a decrease in its infection rates. With a 3% decrease, then the infection rate of Rochdale is 390.3


Even lockdown rules have started to show their effect on Greater Manchester, the infection rates of Bolton are still rising. With a 10% increase, the infection rates of Bolton is 382.5


Tameside has one of the lowest infection rates in Greater Manchester. With a 1% increase, the latest figure of Tameside showed that the infection rate is 367.3


Oldham recorded the lowest infection rates in the region.8% decrease in infection rates has been recorded. The infection rate of Oldham is 342.5.

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