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Less Known Symptoms Of Coronavirus In Schools: “Extremely Challenging”

After less know symptoms of COVID-19 have been seen in a school, a North West headteacher warned parents for COVID-19. The headteacher Phil Brooke who works in Stockport warned parents and said “the last week has been extremely challenging.”

The majority of people only know three main symptoms of coronavirus which are high temperature, continuous cough, and a loss or change in sense of smell or taste. But last week in Alexandra Park Primary School, the students who didn’t have these symptoms have tested positive for coronavirus.

The headteacher Phil Brooke said that: “For our staff who have tested positive and for many of the children, none of these symptoms [the three main ones] were present before they tested positive and some never displayed any of these symptoms, although many were still very ill.” Mr.Brooke said that the most common symptoms are headache, loss of appetite, sore throat, aching limbs, stomach ache, and feeling tired in his school for COVID-19.”

Phil Brooke warned parents of the lesser-known symptoms of coronavirus and said “I have spoken to PHE and they are still advising us to use the three original criteria. I fully respect their medical expertise and judgement. However, my responsibility is to the children and families of this school and we all need to be extra vigilant, particularly during this time. To help with this, I believe it is important that people have an awareness of these other symptoms.”

On March 16, all of the town’s headteachers shared their concerns on the reopening of the schools in a virtual meeting. The teachers talked about the lesser-known symptoms and the importance of regular testing to end the infection in the schools.







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