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Greater Manchester is now in Tier 3:All Things You Need to Know

Due to high coronavirus cases, Greater Manchester will go Tier 3 starting on December 2

Tier 3 means Greater Manchester is now in the highest category of coronavirus restrictions.

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced this morning that a new term will start for Greater Manchester with Tier 3 rules. Even decreasing number in infection rates, Greater Manchester still has the highest cases all over the country.

Here are the rules of Tier 3 and what it means to the city :

  • Some public places will be closed such as cinemas, theatres, hotels and other accommodation places, casinos, bowling alleys, and entertainment facilities.
  • Household mixing will be banned completely in indoor and outdoor places.
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, and all other similar places will be open only for delivery and takeaway options.
  • All sports and leisure facilities will be open but group lessons are not allowed and also some services such as a sauna and steam rooms will be close.
  • Large sports events can’t be done with an audience. Elite sports are still allowable.
  • Wedding and funeral ceremonies are only allowed with a limited number of attendees that 15 is the limit number for weddings and 30 is the limit for funerals.
  • Travelling to another part of the country isn’t advisable for public health but there are no restrictions for it yet.

The government expects that new Tier 3 rules will decrease the cases of coronavirus in Greater Manchester and a decrease in infection rates will continue.

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