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Andy Burnham Made A Speech After Coronavirus Vaccine News

Andy Burnham made an announcement on the latest situation of Coronavirus in Great Manchester and warned against the effect of the pandemic.

After Pfizer and BioNTech had developed a vaccine against coronavirus and announced it, a lot of people from different countries thought that it will be the end of the coronavirus pandemic. Andy Burnham warned the people that we are still far away from the end of the pandemic and we needed to be prepared for coronavirus next month.

Even the UK already ordered 40 million doses of coronavirus vaccine that prevents coronavirus with 90% reliability, Andy Burnham explained that society immunise will take some time and we needed to be patient to overcome the pandemic.

Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham made a speech at a press conference and said that the region is still facing what is likely to be its hardest winter ‘in living memory’. He also said that “The vaccine is encouraging but the effects will be felt in 2021, not in 2020.”

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