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Alarming Rise in Coronavirus Infection Rates

Coronavirus infection rates are still increasing that nine of ten boroughs have a higher infection risk than before. The experts warned that an alarming rise happened in Greater Manchester for coronavirus.

Especially, Stockport and Trafford faced a rise in both coronavirus cases and infection rates this month. The average overall rate of Greater Manchester is up by 22.5 percent this week.

Stockport has seen a 71 percent rise on week. In only the last seven days,579 new coronavirus cases have been seen in Stockport.

Trafford now has the highest coronavirus infection rates in Greater Manchester that the infection rate s 240.6. In the last seven days,571 new coronavirus cases have been recorded for Trafford.

For Tameside, cases are up by over half and the infection rate of the borough is now 166.9. Salford also faced a high rise in infection rates by 222.5. The infection rate of Manchester city area is up by 16 percent and the infection rates became 201.5

Even with a four percent rise, Bolton has the lowest infection rates in the region by 157.5. Oldham is the only place that doesn’t have a rise in the region. The infection rates of Oldham started to fall and it is now 191.1

After the data of coronavirus cases and increasing coronavirus infection rates, Tier 4 concerns started to be shared.



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