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When Will Storm Christoph End? : Updated Weather Forecast for Greater Manchester

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Storm Christoph hit Greater Manchester with floodings. The water level in some rivers rise and many people have been evacuated from their homes.

The Met Office shared data on the end date of Storm Christoph and the current status of the region. Here is the updated weather forecast of Greater Manchester for the next 48 hours :


The rainy weather will continue in Manchester for today. For Friday, sunny intervals with rain will be in the late morning.5C degree is expected. Light snow will affect the region on Saturday.


After heavy rain in Salford, mostly cloudy weather will be at night time. On Friday morning, sunny weather will affect Salford. Starting from Friday night, light snow is coming to the region.


The weather will be similar to Salford. Mostly, cloudy weather will be on Friday. Saturday morning will start with light snow.


Friday will start with light snow before the sunny interval is starting. The temperatures in Rochdale will be below 3C degree and more light snow is expected for Saturday.


Friday will start with sunny intervals and cloudy weather. But light rain showers will start in the evening. For Saturday, light snow is expected.


After heavy rain in Bury, light showers that are turning light snow is expected for the region. On Saturday, the weather regime will continue as like Friday.


Friday morning will be cloudly in Bolton. Winter sun will also be in the region for the afternoon. Before turning cloudy on Saturday, light snow is expected in the late morning.


On Friday morning, light snow is expected. The remaining part of the day will be cloudy. The show will return on Saturday.


For Stockport, cloudy weather will be in the region. It is expected that light snow will be again in the region on Saturday.

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