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In Student Lockdown Party, More than 80 People Were Stuck In University of Manchester

This weekend, more than 80 students were stuck in a student lockdown party at the University of Manchester. The firefighter had to break down the door with an axe to save the students.

Police, paramedics, and firefighters were on the incident to help the students. A spokesperson said that they received a lot of reports that the students needed medical treatment. The spokesperson explained that due to a malfunctioning door mechanism, the students were trapped inside of the place.

Firefighters break down the door with an axe to access the students.No one was injured seriously. With the work of police, paramedics, and firefighters, the students were saved.

One of the students talked about the situation and said “ Several girls were fainting and having panic attacks. The environment was very stressful. I was crying when I got out. It was such a shambles.”

GMP officers that they investigate the situation to find the responsible people who organize student lockdown party. The committee of the University of Manchester and GMP warned the students that the gathering is against coronavirus restrictions and it also causes more serious situations like happened at the weekend.

Police officers said that there are many reported gatherings in the University of Manchester and so far 185 fixed penalty notices were issued to the students.

After the students were saved, a spokesperson from the University of Manchester said that “ This afternoon we held an emergency meeting with Greater Manchester Police, representatives from the Students’ Union and student halls reps and are re-issuing safety messages this evening to students advising them that large gatherings are not just illegal, but are putting the health and safety of students at risk.”


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