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Higher Council Tax Bills-All Things To Know For Every Borough of Greater Manchester

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Council tax bills will increase for every local authority in Greater Manchester starting from April. The budgets of town halls across Greater Manchester have been hit hard due to the results of the pandemic. Even the government paid millions of pounds to fund the councils, the leaders say the increase in the council tax bill is needed to survive.

Here is the list of updated information on council tax bills for every borough of Greater Manchester:


A rise in council tax by 4.99 per cent hasn’t been signed in Manchester, yet. But it is expected on March 5, the council will sign the new budget. According to the council, the proposals bills will raise £8.5m in order to prevent cuts to frontline services The annual bill of Band D properties will go up by £71.13 to £1,425.46.


The council tax in Salford will increase by 3.99% that the council approved the budget last month. Even conservative councilors suggested a “freeze” on council tax, then the council agreed that an increase is needed. For Band A properties, the annual tax bill will increase by £50.30, taking the total to £1,343.29.


In early February, the new budget was signed off by Stockpoty councillors. Accıording to the new budget, a 3.5 % increase in council tax will be applied. That means the owners of Band D properties will pay £60 extra for services provided by the local authority, bringing the annual bill to £1,749.90.


According to the Trafford council’s approved plans, the council tax will increase by 4.99 %. That means the owners of Band C properties in Trafford will pay an extra £73 for their council tax bill that is from £1,460.46 per year to £1,533.34.


Oldham Council signed the new budget on March 4. A 2.99% increase will be applied to council tax bills. With the updated budget, the owners of Band A properties in Oldham will need to pay an extra £2.78 a month.


Council tax in Tameside will increase by a maximum of 4.99 %. That means the residents of Tameside will see a £50 increase at least. An owner of Band A property in Tameside will pay an extra  £50.83 per year or 98p a week.


This week, the council of Rochdale signed the increase in council tax by 4.99%. For Band D properties, the council tax will go up by £82.10 for the year, bringing the annual bill to £1,727.37.


Wigan council agreed on the 3.99% increase in council tax. The increase is important historically that it is the first time in seven years and only the second time in the last decade that Wigan sees that increase. The owners of Band A properties will pay an extra £35 a year and most of the money will go towards social care costs.


A 4.7 % increase in council tax will be applied for Bury residents. The residents of Band D properties will pay £31 starting from April, taking their annual bills to £1,643.31.


Last month, a 3.8% increase in council tax was signed off by the council of Bolton. The owners of Band A properties will pay an extra 74p a week.

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