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A Well-known Figure of Manchester City, Homeless Jonathan Falashie Died

Jonathan Falashie,51, was a well-known figure in Manchester city centre among rough sleepers and by the policemen

He was regularly arrested due to his threatening behaviour, being drunk and disorderly.

The man, homeless Jonathan Falashie, died in a tragedic way. On Tuesday at 3.20 am, policemen found him outside Boots on Market Street. Immediately, ambulance services and paramedics came to the place and did the first medical treatment for him. They took to him the hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital announced this morning that in spite of medical treatment, he died early this morning.

Before his death, he was charged with a public order offence that he threatened a police officer last few months. It is known that he has been arrested many times due to his behaviours. He also was charged once that he didn’t obey the coronavirus restrictions but because he hasn’t an address and the charge wasn’t issued. Once he was speaking with District Judge, he said: “I got out of prison and the world had changed, like everything had gone crazy. The world’s gone crazy.”

The policemen said, “There are believed to be no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.”

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