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What’s Happened In Manchester University: Hardest Term Ever

The protests on rent fees of Manchester University have continued and the students still have occupied Owens Park in Fallowfield. University students expect more than a 40 % discount for accommodation that coronavirus changed the duration and capacity of accommodation of the University of Manchester.

All over the country, the students try to protest education and accommodation fees, but the tension at the University of Manchester is not comparable in that it lasts long and both sides are far away from an agreement.

Before the protest, it was known that there is dissatisfaction from the university management and the management did not take any step to solve the problems of the students. This week, a two-week discount is offered to students to stop the protests. But the students announced that it is not the amount they request from the university and they will continue the protest until their demand satisfies that is a 40 % discount.

Vice-Chancellor Dame Nancy Rothwell said that the university made some mistakes and she apologized for it. She also said that the university is always with the students and she is ready to solve the problem.

The University and College Union (UCU) was concerned that the university students who participated in the protests could be put off from the University of Manchester.

Both sides are recently far away from the agreement and more students started to support the protests. University management tries to stop the protests and minimize the effect of Coronavirus on the University of Manchester.


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