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The Latest On Coronavirus: Bolton Has Higher Infection Rate

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According to the latest data for coronavirus, Bolton is the only borough that has a higher infection rate comparing the previous week. For the remaining part of Greater Manchester, there is a downward trend. With a 27% decrease, England has also a lower infection rate that is 188.0

Here are the latest figures for Greater Manchester (February 11, 2021) :


Trafford has the lowest infection rate in the region. There is a 22% decrease and the new infection rate is now 167.7.


There is a huge decrease comparing the previous week. The infection rate of Tameside is 179.3 with a 32% decrease.


Wigan is one of the boroughs that have lower infection rates in Greater Manchester with a 200.8 infection rate. There is a 24% decrease in the overall infection rate.


The infection rate of Stockport is 209.3. There is a 14% decrease in the figures.


There is only 8% decrease was reported for Bury. The new infection rate is 210.5.


Oldham has lower infection rates that have decreased by 11%. The infection rate of Oldham is 210.9.


With a 13% decrease and 220.8 infection rate, Rochdale still has a high infection rate.


There is a 19% decrease in the infection rate of Manchester. The new infection rate of Manchester is now 237.1.


Salford has the second-highest infection rate in the region. There is a 14% decrease but with an infection rate of 241.5, the figure is still high for Salford.


Bolton is the only borough that the infection rates are rising. There is 6% increase was reported for Bolton that makes Bolton is the first borough in the infection rates. The infection rate of Bolton is 288.6 that is higher than the average of Greater Manchester.

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