Parcel Theft Cases In Greater Manchester

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, a new way of theft is increasing in the centre of the city. After the coronavirus pandemic, more people start to use online shopping this year. Even the convenience of online shopping also creates new ways for criminals.

People in Manchester have been warned against the dangers of parcel theft after the police officers got a lot of report on it.

After Covid-19 restrictions, delivery services have become faster and more contact-free. For free contact, many parcels are left insecure postal rooms or communal areas. Thieves have started to take advantage of it and nowadays parcel theft cases are increasing in Manchester.

Councillors for the Piccadilly ward warned people against “daily basis” parcel theft cases and started a campaign to create awareness on it.

GMP also started to warn people about parcel theft and they explained the increasing number of cases.

Councillors for the Piccadilly ward shared a poster with people for awareness and said

“To stop this, we want you and your neighbors to be more aware of tailgating and how some criminals will want to gain access to your block of flats through following you in. If you want to protect your building from these criminals, raise awareness of the issue within your block and deter thieves, order a free pack of posters today to be dropped off by your local Councillor team!

We also urge you to report any suspicious activity to Greater Manchester Police.”

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