Suspected Gas Leak Forced Evacuation of 30 Homes: A Man Was Arrested

30 homes were evacuated last night for a suspected gas leak that was caused by a fire on Pembroke Street in Bacup, Lancashire. Police have arrested a man for suspicion of arson.

The officers also found cannabis grow at the property while investigating the incident to find the source of the fire.

On January 14, 2021, the police officers and firefighters came to the area around 5.15 pm. After the fire and suspected gas leak,30 homes were evacuated as a precaution. Police officers found that the fire was caused by damage to the gas pipe in a property.

A man who is in his 40s has been arrested due to suspicion of arson and endanger other’s life. In the investigation, the officers also found a cannabis farm that contains 25 plants on the property.

The investigation continues. All residents in the area returned to their homes. The police officers continue the investigation on the property. Anyone who has information for the fire and cannabis farm can contact the police.

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