On Christmas Day, Gunman Fires On A House Twice In Moston

A house in Moston was fired twice on Christmas day. A teenager who was in the living room at that time was lucky to escape from a gunshot.

The family was sitting in the living room after they ate Christmas dinner. The girl was trying new headphones near the window. The shooting happened at that moment. The girl was lucky to escape safely but she experienced a shock.

Police started an investigation for a frightening and shocking incident at a semi-detached house on Chelstan Avenue in Moston on Christmas day.

Some residents in the area said that the residents of the targeted house are nice people and most probably they were targeted mistakenly.

The house of the family was fired twice on Christmas day, at 1 am and at 5 pm separately. At 1 am, the family didn’t realize it as a gunshot and reported it to the police online. After the 5 pm fire, the family became sure and contacted the police officers directly.

One of the neighbors of the family said that “ “I was still up. It was a loud bang. Everyone thought it was a firework. It was really loud. And then it happened again when I wasn’t home. We came back and we saw police everywhere. They closed the whole street down.”

The police officers said that the crime is on the family directly and there is no risk for other houses now. The investigation still continues and no arrests have been made so far.


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