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Jaw-dropping Falls In Life Expectancy Across Greater Manchester

According to a new report, Greater Manchester has 25% higher coronavirus death rates compared to the rest of England. Sir Michael Marmot, Professor of Epidemiology at University College London (UCL), who produced the report, said in just 13 months the mortality rate in Greater Manchester has increased significantly.

Prof Marmot warned the government on the current situation and said inequality in areas should be tackled. He said it is vitally important that local authorities are supported with enough central funding to improve outcomes.

In the report, Prof Marmot said the current situation was avoidable and very likely the effect of regressive socio-economic policies.

The report also presented some recommendation for improvement that includes more support for children and young people, rebalancing spending to focus more on prevention, more local power and control and developing equity targets to monitor progress.



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