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Formby Beach Fines: 100 Cars Were Forced To Turn Away

More than 100 cars from Formby Beach were forced to turn away by police on Saturday. For lockdown rules, police tried to prevent travels to the beauty spıt.

Police said that Formby Beach wasn’t the only beauty spot that people from Greater Manchester tried to gather in big groups at the weekends. Around 20 people were issued with  £200 fines for breaching Covid restrictions.

Community Policing Superintendent Graeme Robson said: “This weekend, due to the good weather, we have seen a large increase in people traveling to the Formby beach area, some of whom had travelled a significant distance to get there. This is totally unacceptable and shows a complete disregard for the government guidance, which is in place to protect not only ourselves but for others around us.

“We will continue to work closely with our partners in Sefton, and across the rest of Merseyside, to ensure the safety of our communities, and will take enforcement action where people refuse to follow restrictions. Current guidance states that people must only travel for essential reasons, and you must remain local. I would strongly advise people to check ahead before travelling to popular destinations to ensure they can socially distance while there, and to avoid it completely if it’s not within your local area.”

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