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Coronavirus Restrictions Eased In England-All Things You Need To Know On New Restrictions

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Starting from 29 March, coronavirus restrictions eased in England. Families and friends will be reunited today according to new rules. A group of six people from any number of households will be allowed to meet outside.

Here is everything that you need to know about new lockdown rules :

Social gathering with eased limitations

The new lockdown restriction allows people to meet outside. A group of six people from different households can meet outside. If people are from just two households, more than 6 people also can meet according to new lockdown restrictions.

Gatherings are only allowed outdoors. People can meet at parks and private gardens. The government has warned people that they still need to keep social distancing in the gatherings.

Outdoor parent groups are allowed to meet with the limitation of 15 people. Children who are under 5 years old aren’t counted for the attendee limit.

Outdoor sports facilities

Starting from today, outdoor sports facilities will be reopened that include golf courses, tennis and basketball court, and outdoor swimming pools.

Exercise classes that take place outside will be allowed without limits on numbers. But social distancing should be kept during the activities.

Stay local

The government announced that the “stay home” order ends today instead of it, the government advised to “stay local”.Holidays abroad are still banned. But travels for work, study, moving to a new house, and attending a major family event such as a wedding, funeral, or birth are allowed.

Weddings and funerals with limitations

Weddings will no longer be limited with the social distancing and the attendee limit of six. The limits on the number of guests will be increased on April 12.

For funerals, the rules are unchanged. Funerals can take place with 30 attendees and wakes with six attendees. Places of worship will continue to open and there is no announcement on church services over the Easter period.

Protests with social distancing

The ban on protests is lifted. The protests should be organised by a business, public or political body to maintain social distancing and should satisfy risk assessments by police.

Fines for breaching rules

Polic will take action if larger groups meet without a valid reason. A Fixed Penalty Notice of £200 will be given for the first offence and will be doubled to the maximum of £6,400 if the breaching continues.






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