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Anti Lockdown Protest in Manchester City Centre

A huge “anti lockdown” protest happened in Manchester City Centre.

The protestors gathered in Piccadilly Gardens to protest new lockdown rules in England. Greater Manchester Police force send dozens of officers to stop the protest in the city centre on November 8, 2020.

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins described the event as “utterly ridiculous behaviour from the organizers and the protesters, deliberately breaking the law and putting our communities at risk”.

The organizer of the protest was issued with £10,000 fine due to breaking lockdown rules. Four people from the protestors were arrested for not obeying public order offences and police issued 24 Fixed Penalty Notices(FPNs) of  £200 each. The police officers announced that more than 600 people gathered for the protest.

Great Manchester Police officers made an announcement after the protest and warned the society with lockdown rules. Police officers explained that there are a lot of people who do not obey the lockdown rules and it threatens all community. The Great Manchester Police officers made a call to stay at home and social distance to decrease the infection rates in Manchester.

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