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Andy Burnham Warned For Coronavirus: The Most Dangerous Moment Of The Pandemic

With the third peak of coronavirus pandemic, one in four people in Greater Manchester hospitals is now Covid patients. In just last week, a further 999 new patients with coronavirus have been recorded in the hospitals.

Due to the latest figures and the peak of coronavirus cases, Andy Burnham warned that  “We are probably in the most dangerous moment of the pandemic, the most difficult moment. Please do what you’re being asked to do. Respect the NHS.”

Even the infection rates started to fall in every borough of Greater Manchester, the figures are thought as still high and create pressure on the hospitals.

According to the latest data, first vaccine doses have been made to more than 300,000 people. Andy Burnham said that “the government’s mid-February target will be hit here, so long as national promises of supply were met.”

Despite the vaccine program and decreasing figures, Andy Burham said that hospital systems have reached their peak points and added “ “I think we are at the moment of maximum pressure on the health service, according to the modelling that has been done at the Greater Manchester level.”

After the number of patients with coronavirus in the hospitals, many cancer operations were canceled to stand up to the capacity of the hospitals.

Andy Burnham talked about the current situation of the pandemic and said “Overall I am informed that one in four patients in Greater Manchester hospitals is a Covid patient. According to the modelling, we expect the peak of the pressure on the hospital system to arrive around this weekend.”

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