Shopping In Blue Light Ambulance: The Driver Was Arrested

A family who went to the shopping with a second-hand ambulance was reported. The disqualified driver was arrested.

On Wednesday, a family went to Asda Store in an ambulance. The ambulance was second hand and with emergency lights flashing. After GMP officers got the report, the irresponsible driver was arrested.

Traffic officers tweeted that the “occupants promptly went inside to do their shopping”.

In a tweet, GMP Traffic said the ambulance was “reportedly carrying a family when it arrived at #Asda Harpurhey with blue lights flashing. Occupants promptly went inside to do their shopping. The ambulance is believed to have been purchased second hand. The driver has been arrested and is now en-route to custody”.

After the arrests, the court charged the driver, and the ambulance was taken from the traffic.

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