Manchester City Council

Progress made towards new urban centre campus as potential partner identified for Central Retail Park redevelopment.

Manchester City Council has approved an updated Strategic Regeneration Framework for a piece of land in the city. This framework outlines the key principles for development at the site, including the creation of low-carbon commercial office spaces and high-quality green areas. The aim is to support economic growth and provide space for 7,000 civil service roles. The Government Property Agency (GPA) has been exploring options in Manchester and the North West to fulfill its commitment of moving services outside of London. The initial development proposals by the GPA involve the construction of a digital campus and office space, with the first planning application expected soon. Additionally, the regeneration project will provide new green spaces and improved walking and cycling routes. The redevelopment of the former retail park aligns with other ongoing regeneration efforts in the area, including public realm investments and the construction of affordable housing. Council leader Cllr Bev Craig expressed excitement about the potential of the site to create jobs and green spaces while promoting sustainable development.

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