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Prospective plans for Chorlton’s main shopping area up for discussion with local community

The aim of the Public Realm Plan is to ensure that Chorlton’s town centre remains an attractive, welcoming, and accessible space for locals and visitors to enjoy.

The draft Public Realm Plan will help guide investment in the area’s public spaces in the coming years, as part of a city-wide focus on local district centres to take advantage of emerging regeneration opportunities.

There are several development opportunities in the neighbourhood that will be progressing in the future, starting with the new affordable housing for older people at the former leisure centre site.

This is the ideal time to establish a vision for improving the public realm in the future, which will also benefit local businesses, shops, and eateries. The plan is designed to be adaptable to ensure it remains relevant as new opportunities arise.

The plan will assess Chorlton’s current public spaces and streets, propose distinct projects endorsed by the community for future funding bids, and present concept designs for key locations. The public consultation is open until 19th March 2024.

In-person consultation events will also be held on Thursday 7th March at Chorlton Central Church and on Saturday 9th March at Oswald Road Primary School.

Cllr Gavin White, Manchester City Council’s executive member for housing and development, stated: “We are committed to revitalising our district centres and ensuring our local high streets are vibrant and welcoming spaces for residents and visitors. Chorlton’s community has the opportunity to shape the look and feel of their high street and public spaces for the years to come.”

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