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A metropolis catering to all – how the people of Manchester can mould the forthcoming decade for our splendid city


The aim was to contribute to the development of Manchester, to understand the desires of its residents, and to improve the city as a place to live, work, and thrive.

In the past ten years, Manchester has undergone significant transformation, bringing about tangible and long-lasting improvements to the lives of its residents.

Since 2015: 

  • The number of jobs in the city has increased by 72,000 between 2015 and 2022.
  • 90% of primary schools and 80% of secondary schools are now classified as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ – a remarkable improvement compared to the past decade and higher than the national average.
  • 45% of residents now hold a degree, compared to 27% twenty years ago, and the number of residents without qualifications has dropped from 24% to 10% in the last two decades.
  • Since 2015, 25,000 new homes have been constructed in the city, with over 12,000 more currently under development.
  • There are plans for an additional 36,000 new homes by 2032, including 10,000 social and affordable homes, and 3,000 in the city center.

Looking ahead to the next decade, the Council acknowledges the specific challenges that Manchester faces. The unforeseen Covid-19 pandemic, the surge in energy costs, and the ongoing struggle with the high cost of living are among the issues that many people in the city still grapple with on a daily basis.

In preparation for the new Our Manchester Strategy, an engagement phase has been initiated, allowing individuals to participate in a survey that will inform the Council about changes in priorities, additional support required, and measures to ensure the prosperity of all residents in Manchester.

The Council and its partners will also engage in face-to-face discussions with residents, workers, and businesses in various neighborhoods across the city to truly listen to their thoughts and ideas for the future.

Click here to find out more about how you can participate in the Our Manchester 2035 journey.

This engagement phase will run from February to June, with a draft strategy expected to be prepared during the Summer. The full strategy is set to be launched in December 2024.

Despite the challenges we face, there is much in Manchester that we can be proud of, along with opportunities to seize. On the global stage, Manchester has firmly established itself as one of the world’s great cities, renowned for its creativity, arts, sports, and science. The city offers a warm welcome to all who come here.

Manchester has been named one of Time Out’s top ten must-visit cities for 2024 and has been designated as the ACES European Capital of Cycling for the same year, highlighting its aspirations to become one of the best cities for cycling in the country. The city’s cultural and music scene has been further enhanced by the opening of Aviva Studios (home of Factory International), the Co-op Live venue in east Manchester, and the announcement that Manchester will serve as the new headquarters for the English National Opera later this year.

This growing international reputation has also contributed to our economy, surpassing other UK cities and defying national trends. Our diverse workforce, comprising both local talent and newcomers, attracts investment from around the world, enabling the city to invest more in services and projects that benefit everyone, in line with our commitment to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2038.

This demonstrates that no matter how challenging the circumstances, Manchester retains the ability to lead on both local and global stages, creating opportunities to enhance the lives of its residents.

We now ask ourselves what more can be done to find solutions to the city’s challenges and create a fairer and more equitable Manchester by 2035. Feedback from Manchester’s residents is vital in understanding this, and their involvement in the Our Manchester Strategy has been crucial since its inception.

As a diverse city, we also strive to include voices from all of Manchester’s communities. Diversity is what makes Manchester a strong, vibrant, and welcoming place, but our shared challenge is to ensure that everyone is included in the city’s journey over the next ten years.

Councillor Bev Craig, Leader of Manchester City Council, stated: “We have come a long way since the creation of the Our Manchester Strategy a decade ago. The next phase – Our Manchester 2035 – has the potential to take us even further. The future of the city will be shaped by the priorities and aspirations of our residents, their way of life, work, and education, and most importantly, what they envision for themselves, their families, and their city.”

“I am incredibly proud to lead this city and represent the hundreds of thousands of people who call it home. Now more than ever, I am determined to ensure that every individual can benefit from the opportunities that Manchester has to offer.”

“Therefore, it is crucial that we hear from the people and communities that make up Manchester. The Our Manchester 2035 strategy aims to empower each and every one of us, ensuring that the future of our city is shaped by our collective voices.”

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