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Blistering Report Says GMP Failed to Record 80,000 Crimes

According to a blistering report, GMP failed to record 80,000 crimes for the last 12 months. The report also explained the concern on the approach of GMP to domestic violence and child protection.

Zoe Billingham, who prepared the report on behalf of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services, said that GMP is one of the worst force groups in the country and they have poor crime records.

The report mostly focused on the experience of the victims last 12 months. According to that experience, GMP failed to have the right attitude to domestic violence and child protection that most of the cases were delayed and ignored.

The report says that more than 80,000 crimes were not reported at GMP and the report states that it’s an unacceptable number.

Here are some key sentences and the points of the report:

“Over one in five of all crimes reported to the police in Greater Manchester are not making it onto the books.”

“The position is worse when it comes to recording violence against the person, where more than one in four crimes is not being recorded. Domestic abuse often lies behind these types of crimes of violence, meaning that the victims are especially vulnerable.”

“Importantly, in many cases, when a reported crime is not recorded, victims are denied an effective police response and ultimately they are denied justice,”

Zoe Billingham said that she ‘deeply concerned’ overall, and she warned the victims of crime ‘are too often being let down by Greater Manchester Police’.

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