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A Car Hit to A Popular Manchester Restaurant: Four People In Hospital

On New Year’s Eve, a car smashed into a popular Manchester Restaurant. Four people were taken to the hospital after the accident.

The accident happened at around 3 am in Albert Square. A famous restaurant on Albert Square, Tampopo, was damaged after the accident.No staff of the restaurant were injured.

After the car entered the restaurant, the car was surrounded by fire in a short time. Firefighters make a huge effort to save the lives of a man and a woman from the vehicle. A man and a woman and the other two people who were injured from the accident were taken to the hospital.

A spokesperson from GMP said that the driver who is 19 years old and didn’t have serious injures was taken to the hospital. The driver was arrested due to suspicion of driving with alcohol. The police officers said that all people who were injured at the accident don’t have life-threatening injuries.

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