Stockport’s Beloved Children’s Book Awards Makes a Triumphant Comeback in 2024!

Stockport Libraries will reveal the final selection of books for the Stockport Children’s Book Awards on Monday 5 February. The main objective of these awards is to instill a love for reading and nurture the desire to continue reading among children in Stockport. By introducing them to a range of exceptional, shortlisted books, the awards aim to inspire and excite young readers.

The Book Awards comprise three distinct categories: Best Picture Book, Best Read for Juniors, and Best Read for Upper Juniors. Each category features three remarkable titles written by UK authors. The carefully chosen shortlisted books for the 2024 competition have been selected to challenge, inspire, and create enthusiasm within schools.

Stockport libraries are now urging schools to participate in the 2024 Awards by signing up for their special offer package. This package includes a copy of each shortlisted book, engaging educational resources, bookmarks, activity sheets, and lesson plans. Additionally, students have the opportunity to enter an art competition, with the chance to win their height in books. Schools will also have the option to arrange a virtual visit from an author and choose their ‘Reader of the Year’, who will receive a special invitation to the grand prize-giving ceremony on 25 June!

In a new addition for 2024, schools will have priority access to the Teacher’s BorrowBox programme, allowing them to utilize eBooks and e-Audiobooks in the classroom. They will also have the opportunity to enjoy a free silent disco experience at school. All of this is available for a nominal fee of only £75!

School sign-ups will close on 9 March, so it is important to encourage your school to participate in this year’s awards.

To get a taste of the excitement from last year’s ceremony, watch the video that showcases the importance of inspiring a love for reading from a young age.

Cllr Frankie Singleton, Cabinet Member for Communities, Culture & Sport at Stockport Council, expressed their excitement for the return of the Stockport Children’s Book Awards in 2024. They believe it is a fantastic opportunity to unite and cultivate a lifelong love for reading among children in Stockport. They look forward to celebrating with the grand award ceremony in June and encourage as many schools as possible to get involved. The Book Awards provide a perfect platform to champion literacy, with a wide range of titles suitable for KS1 through to KS3. Through these awards, they aim to shape a future where a love for reading becomes a lasting legacy in Stockport.

For more information about the awards, visit the dedicated page on the council’s website. To register your school or inquire further, email [email protected].

Let’s come together and make the Stockport Children’s Book Awards 2024 an unforgettable literary adventure!

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