Talented sculpture trail showcases Stockport’s finest through the perspective of students

The ‘Stockport Mile Gifted Sculpture Trail’, named to honour the town’s influence on the students, showcases unique connections and memories through various artistic mediums. From ceramics to textiles, each sculpture tells a personal story, reflecting themes such as personal growth, independence, mental health, and local history.

Project leader and Stockport College graduate, Susanna Vosper, expressed her delight in the diverse interpretations of Stockport by the students. The sculptures range from playful tributes to significant life events, like ‘Me Gnashers’, to thought-provoking pieces that explore the town’s evolution, such as ‘Abandoned’. Each artwork offers a glimpse into the individual experiences and perspectives of the young artists.

Visitors are encouraged to take a leisurely stroll along the one-mile trail, admiring the sculptures displayed in shop windows and venues throughout Stockport. The trail, part of the Town of Culture Weekender celebrations, will be open from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 March, with an official guided walk on Sunday morning. Maps can be obtained at various locations, including the Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery and Hatworks, or via a dedicated Trail app created by Stockport College students.

Councillor Frankie Singleton of Stockport Council commended the students for their inspired creations, highlighting the town’s role in nurturing artistic talent. As the Greater Manchester Town of Culture initiative nears its end, the sculpture trail offers a glimpse into Stockport’s rich heritage and creative potential. Join the festivities this weekend to support the budding artists and discover the hidden gems of Stockport through their eyes.

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