Stockport Council urges residents to explore new career paths and embark on a fostering adventure

The eye-catching adverts on Stockport buses have been running throughout January and February.

The campaign has been supported by our local foster carers Debbie and Les who made their career change six years ago to become foster carers, both giving up their regular jobs to foster.

The couple who are approved for children from 0 to 18 years have fostered babies through to teens including brothers and sisters, they say,

“We feel we are making a real difference to children’s lives, giving them security, confidence and love, but they have all made a difference to our lives too.

We are regularly asked how we afford to foster, and the answer is we receive generous allowances per child with extra money on top for holidays, Christmas and each child’s birthday. We don’t see it as a job, it’s a lifestyle as it is 24/7 and though it won’t make our fortune, we feel lucky to be doing something we enjoy so much. Our lives are so much happier now, we work as a team and knowing we are helping children in Stockport is incredibly rewarding.”

Wendy Meikle, Cabinet Member for Children, Families & Education said: “we are delighted that Debbie and Les are supporting this campaign to encourage people to come forward to consider fostering and highlighting this rewarding role. It is lovely to hear from Debbie and Les on how fostering and has enriched their lives and those of the young people in their care, Stockport offers a lot of support, and we are very proud of all of our foster parents, they make a tremendous difference to our young people creating many happier and positive outcomes.

If you feel you are ready to start your fostering journey in 2024 then please visit the council’s website or attend one of the monthly information sessions. Our next information session is taking place on 12 March at Stockport Town Hall starting at 6pm.

Find out more at or contact the fostering recruitment team on 0161 474 3400.

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