Stockport Council unveils its Revenue Budget for 2024/25

Council Leader Mark Hunter of Stockport Council has expressed concerns about the financial challenges facing local authorities due to inadequate government funding. Despite this, Stockport Council has managed its budget effectively and responsibly to provide essential services to residents without facing the same difficulties as other councils. However, there is still a £4bn funding deficit for English councils over the next two years, which the council hopes the next government will address.

Councillor Jilly Julian, responsible for Finance & Resources, is relieved that Stockport Council has been able to deliver a balanced budget while prioritising initiatives to tackle poverty and inequality in the borough. Investments are being made in programs to support disadvantaged residents and improve quality of life while reducing costs in the long term. Additionally, efforts are being made to invest in maintaining the borough’s infrastructure, including drainage systems, parking enforcement, and road safety near schools.

Despite the need to save £10.863m in the 2024/25 budget, Stockport Council aims to minimize the impact on services for vulnerable residents and businesses. The council is committed to supporting residents and businesses facing the rising cost of living. For more information on council tax and available support, residents can visit the council’s website.

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