Stockport Ascends: A Remarkable Exhibition Unveiling the Talented Artists of our Cultural Haven

And in recognition of that, and to mark the finale of Stockport’s Greater Manchester Town of Culture year, five celebrated professional artists who reside in Stockport and paint scenes of Stockport, have been invited to showcase their work in an exhibition appropriately titled…Stockport Rising.

The exhibition will take place at the War Memorial Art Gallery in the town from Friday 23rd February to Sunday 31st March, and will feature the paintings of Lucy Burgess, Eric Jackson, Kate O’Brien, Jackie Wagg and David Chandler.

Their artwork is well-known throughout the town and beyond, and it is this popularity that inspired the leader of Stockport Council, Councillor Mark Hunter, to propose the idea back in December.

Curating the show is Eric Jackson, a former journalist and editor who now works as a poster artist under the name Statement Artworks. Jackson, who resides in Cale Green, is excited to present the exhibition, stating that it was an obvious choice to invite the other artists to join him due to their immense talent and success, which is greatly appreciated by the people of Stockport.

Councillor Hunter expressed his enthusiasm for the exhibition, acknowledging Stockport’s rich cultural and artistic history. He believes it will be fantastic to see the work of local Stockport artists featured in the exhibition, as it will showcase both the urban landscape and breathtaking countryside vistas that the area has to offer.

Lucy Burgess, daughter of award-winning Guardian photographer Denis Thorpe, is particularly renowned in Stockport for her iconic artwork, which can be found in various locations around the town, including the Hat Works Museum, Stockport Museum/Staircase House, and numerous shops and cafes. Burgess, who resides in Woodsmoor, is thrilled to share her art with the people of Stockport as part of this fabulous exhibition celebrating the conclusion of Stockport’s year of Art and Culture.

Another artist featured in the exhibition is Kate O’Brien, who has a studio and shop in Stockport’s historic Market Hall. O’Brien is known for her large, vibrant watercolours that depict the hidden gems and landmarks of Stockport. The Edgeley-based artist, who left her job as an art teacher to pursue her passion for landscape painting, feels honored to be involved in the exhibition alongside such amazing talent. She eagerly awaits the future of Stockport and what it holds for the town.

Jackie Wagg, an artist from Offerton, found inspiration in Stockport from the moment she relocated there over twenty years ago. Her paintings of the town’s rooftops and chimney pots have become famous and are now fetching high prices at auctions. Wagg, who has shared her knowledge and skill as a part-time teacher at Aquinas College while working in a local bank, describes Stockport as having a raw beauty that embraces its heritage. The town continues to provide endless inspiration for her art.

David Chandler, a trained urban designer from Manchester School of Architecture, is another artist featured in the exhibition. He has taken a keen interest in the masterplans for the MBC (Metropolitan Borough of Stockport) since 2008. Chandler’s paintings have recently been recognized with awards at New Light and Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead. He believes that artists can make a significant contribution to the development and conservation plans of a town like Stockport through their visionary artwork.

The exhibition, titled ‘Stockport Rising’, will be held in the Upper Gallery at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery from Friday 23rd February to Sunday 31st March. Visitors are encouraged to check the opening times for the exhibition.

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