Salford City Council finishes upgrade project at Mosley Common Road and A580 East Lancashire Road intersection, unveils new pedestrian crossing amenities.

Salford City Council is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the improvement works at the junction of Mosley Common Road and the A580 East Lancashire Road, in direct response to the demands of the local community.

The project was aimed at increasing safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and those using mobility aids. Toucan crossings have been installed on the north, south, and west arms of the junction, along with a controlled staggered pedestrian crossing on the east side. These new crossings will benefit residents, schools, and businesses in the area.

The junction has been upgraded with a new smooth surface on paths, tactile paving, high-friction road surfacing, and improved road markings. The introduction of modern crossing facilities at this previously challenging junction will make it easier and safer for pedestrians and cyclists to navigate, ultimately reducing road congestion.

To add a touch of greenery, new flower bulbs, seeds, and two trees have been planted around the junction, enhancing the area’s aesthetics.

Salford City Council is grateful for the community’s cooperation and support throughout the project. Councillor Mike McCusker, Lead Member for Planning, Transport, and Sustainable Development, expressed delight in delivering these safety measures, promoting active travel, and creating a safer environment for all residents, schools, and businesses in the area.

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