General Election results in the city of Salford

The results of the city of Salford’s two constituencies for the UK Parliamentary General Election have been announced.

Candidate Party Votes cast
ABDULLAH, Mustafa Workers Party – For Britain, For Gaza 791
AUSTIN, Jake Liberal Democrats – For a fair deal 2,752
LEWTHWAITE, Stephen James Social Democratic Party 227
LONG-BAILEY, Rebecca Labour Party 21,132
OLSEN, Wendy Green Party 5,188
SCOTT, Hilary Conservative Party 3,583
WHALLEY, Keith Reform UK 6,031

Rebecca Long-Bailey has been elected

  • Electorate size: 83,633
  • Turnout: 47.7 per cent
  • Votes cast: 39,889
  • Rejected votes: 185
Candidate Party Votes cast
BARGHOUTI, Nas Workers Party 466
BIRTWISTLE, Craig Thomas Reform UK 9,186
DE VINCENZO, Jemma Louise Liberal Democrats – For a fair deal 1,851
GRIFFITHS, Sally Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 241
JONES, David Green Party 3,283
MITCHELL, Bradley Curtis Conservative Party 6,791
MOLONEY, Danny Independent 448
WHEELER, Michael Joseph Labour Party 20,277

Michael Joseph Wheeler has been elected

  • Electorate size: 78,643
  • Turnout: 54.3 per cent
  • Votes cast: 42,707
  • Rejected votes: 164

The election count was carried out at the Salford Community Stadium and the results were announced by (Acting) Returning Officer Tom Stannard from 4.25am onwards.

This was the first General Election when constituency boundary changes across the country came into effect following a national review in 2023. The Salford constituency is made up of entirely Salford wards.

The Worsley and Eccles constituency includes districts from Wigan Borough’s Astley Mosley Common area that form part of Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council.

Four Salford City Council wards are now included in two other parliamentary constituencies:

Little Hulton, Walkden North and Walkden South is under the jurisdiction of the Bolton South and Walkden constituency.

The verification, count and declaration for these constituencies is facilitated by Bury and Bolton councils respectively. These results will be on the Bury council and Bolton Council websites.

These boundary changes only relate to parliamentary constituencies, the area an MP is elected to represent in Parliament. They don’t affect local authority boundaries so services such as bin collections remain the same and residents in these four wards continue to pay council tax to Salford City Council.

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