Latest Manchester Crane Survey reveals continued positive growth in Salford’s thriving development sector

The latest Manchester Crane survey, conducted by Deloitte, has revealed the significant growth and development taking place in Salford and Manchester. The report, released on 6 February, focuses on the residential sector and highlights the positive impact of regeneration plans in both cities.

Deloitte’s annual report is seen as an important indicator of the current state of the sector. It measures the volume of development projects in Manchester and Salford city centres and their overall impact. The report acknowledges the remarkable growth witnessed in the past decade, with a particular focus on strategic regeneration areas and underutilized sites.

One of the key findings of the report is the record year for residential projects in Salford. Over 3,000 new homes are currently under construction in the Salford Central area, with developments such as The Railings, Bankside, and Pavilion Wharf contributing to a diverse range of housing options. In total, 16,000 new homes have been completed in Salford between 2014 and 2023.

Despite the positive growth, the report acknowledges the need for more affordable homes and sustainable neighborhoods. The current economic and political climate, including high inflation costs and rising interest rates, poses challenges for the sector.

Salford City Council Chief Executive, Tom Stannard, expressed pride in the results and emphasized the council’s commitment to further growth and regeneration. The council aims to attract partners and continue sharing Salford’s redevelopment story on a global platform.

Overall, the Manchester Crane survey highlights the ongoing development and positive outlook for Salford and Manchester, despite the challenges posed by the current economic climate.

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