Drug Suppliers Were Jailed For Over 30 Years In Salford

Due to class A drug supply in Salford, four men, and two women have been jailed for over 30  years. After the operation of GMP-that is called Tanzania- six people were jailed and large amounts of drugs, cash, and a Porsche seized.

Manchester Crown Court sentenced three men and two women for supplying class A drugs:

  • Darren Horrocks, (08/04/1970), of Valencia Avenue, received six years and ten months.
  • Stephen Worthington, (11/2/1987), of Alfred Street, received six years and six months;
  • Joanna Zblewska, (31/08/1978), of Mulberry Road, received six years and six months;
  • Samantha Cox, (11/06/1990), of Littleton Road, received five years and five months;
  • Christopher Corbett (25/2/1967), of Fram Street, received three years and nine months;
  • Lee Worthington, (28/3/1984), of HMP, received three years and five months

Police found £44,000 in cash, a significant quantity of crack cocaine, cocaine and heroin, and a Porsche Macan in the investigation.

Detective Inspector Rebecca Mills from GMP’s Salford Challenger team, said: “This has been a complex investigation by Salford’s Challenger team into a family-led organised crime group that has blighted the community for many years.”

“The convictions send a clear message that this type of criminality will not be tolerated, and also demonstrate the value of the public contacting police and Crimestoppers with any information they have that suggest suspicious criminal activity.”

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