DigiFest unveils an exciting array of events and activities for Stockport’s digital cultural extravaganza

DigiFest is a series of events and activities, catering to various groups and the general public, with the aim of inspiring and empowering people of all ages and backgrounds to explore the advantages and opportunities of digital technology.

The programme brings together a range of activities and experiences organized by the groups, organizations, and individuals of Stockport’s DigiKnow community network, who collaborate to assist residents in getting online and overcoming digital exclusion. DigiFest will serve as an excellent platform for individuals to creatively engage with digital technology, helping to bridge the gap caused by digital exclusion.

Everyone is welcome to try something new at DigiFest, with a diverse array of workshops and experiences available, including digital photography, podcasting, virtual reality, game creation, a QR code treasure hunt, and electronic music. These events will take place at various venues across the borough.

In addition, DigiFest provides an opportunity for small businesses and community groups to learn about digital marketing and network with experts in digital inclusion. On 29th February, the DigiKnow ‘Leaping the digital divide’ seminar will feature speakers and panel discussions from leaders in digital inclusion at the national, regional, and local levels. There will also be displays from DigiKnow alliance members, encouraging the exchange of ideas and fostering new connections.

Councillor Jilly Julian, Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources, expresses her delight in announcing the commencement of DigiFest, a month-long celebration of digital culture and innovation in Stockport, Town of Culture. DigiFest is designed for everyone, offering free family activities, workshops for businesses and VCFSEs (Voluntary, Community, Faith, and Social Enterprise organizations), and a seminar on digital inclusion. Participants will discover how digital technology can enhance their lives and work, all while having fun along the way. The event aims to boost confidence and motivation to continue learning and exploring the digital world.

DigiFest is organized by DigiKnow, a community network that assists individuals in getting online and making the most of digital opportunities. Councillor Jilly Julian expresses pride in this network, which has already supported over 60,000 residents in their digital needs. Digital technology can contribute to one’s well-being and happiness, providing opportunities for learning, growth, and social connections. As the digital landscape constantly evolves, DigiFest aims to help individuals keep pace with these changes and utilize them to enhance their lives and work.

DigiKnow is a collaborative effort between Stockport Council and partners, dedicated to helping Stockport residents get online and develop their digital confidence. Managed by Stockport Council and delivered by Starting Point Community Learning Partnership, DigiKnow works alongside various local, regional, and national organizations to provide free community classes, drop-in support sessions, device and data loans, and a device recycling scheme. For assistance, individuals can contact the DigiKnow Helpline at 07724 217888, visit the DigiKnow web-pages, or visit their local library for support.

Councillor Frankie Singleton, Cabinet Member for Communities, Culture, and Sport, expresses enthusiasm for the inclusion of these digital events as part of the Town of Culture program. Digital technologies have the potential to connect people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, allowing for the exchange of perspectives and experiences. They also provide access to information, resources, and new opportunities that may otherwise be inaccessible. By promoting digital inclusion across communities, diverse and inclusive communities can be built, thereby promoting social justice and equity.

To stay updated with event information and access the complete programme, individuals can visit the DigiFest events calendar throughout February.


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