‘Action! Stockport Shines on the Big Screen: Local Filming Frenzy Boosts Economy!’

The murder mystery takes place in Yorkshire after PC Joanna Marshall discovers the body of an unidentified man in an old lift shaft following a devastating natural disaster. It is believed that he became trapped as the water levels rose, but PC Marshall becomes fixated on uncovering the truth about his fate.

The crucial scene, which sets off a series of events revealing secrets and mysteries in the fictional town of Waterside, was filmed in Stockport in May 2023. The production team found an underground car park that provided the perfect setting for this pivotal moment.

The fourth episode of the thrilling series also features a scene shot inside Stockport’s historic Market Hall.

Stockport, this year’s Greater Manchester Town of Culture, continues to bask in the limelight as it gains the reputation of being the ‘Hollywood of the North’. Numerous high-quality TV and film productions have chosen Stockport as their backdrop, including the hugely popular Netflix drama Fool Me Once, written by Harlan Coben.

Prior to Christmas, the BBC comedy Daddy Issues, starring Stockport’s own Aimee Lou Wood, was also filmed in the borough.

Stockport has been a sought-after location for various shows and films, including Peaky Blinders, Years and Years, Inside No.9, Traces, Dodger, Everything I Know About Love, Sherwood, Bancroft, The Bay, The Tower, Everyone Else Burns, It’s a Sin, How To Date Billy Walsh, Wedding Season, The Rising, COBRA, Brassic, Wolfe, Safe, The Stranger, and Stay Close. These projects, produced by renowned companies such as the BBC, Disney+, Netflix, and Sky, have contributed to a production spend of over £3.5 million in Stockport since January 2018, according to Filming in England.

Stockport’s unique geography and history make it an ideal location spot, offering a mix of opportunities including picturesque countryside, urban settings with a gritty atmosphere for various time periods, a rich cultural landscape that has evolved over centuries, medieval streets and Victorian mills, and a range of architectural gems from different eras.

Industry professionals have praised Stockport as an excellent place for on-location filming. Location manager Danny Hussain described filming in Stockport for the BBC comedy ‘Scarborough’ as a pleasure, which is a rare sentiment in the industry. Jonny Shelton, Production Liaison Manager for Creative England, commended Stockport’s local authority for their support and flexibility, which has enhanced the area’s reputation in the industry.

The increasing demand to film in Stockport brings numerous benefits to the area and the wider Greater Manchester region. It creates employment opportunities for local crew members and offers work experience opportunities for Stockport students. The filming also supports local businesses, including suppliers, security companies, caterers, and kit hire services. The Local Authority benefits from income generation through services used during productions, such as parking, highways, parks/greenspaces, and property/assets through venue hire. Additionally, the filming activity attracts visitors who are fans of certain productions, providing a boost to the local hospitality and leisure businesses.

Stockport Council’s Leader, Councillor Mark Hunter, expressed delight in seeing familiar places on screen and highlighted Stockport’s unique locations made possible by its history and geography. Councillor Frankie Singleton, Cabinet Member for Communities, Culture & Sport, emphasized the benefits brought to the local economy through raised profile and increased tourism as Stockport celebrates being the Greater Manchester Town of Culture.

As Stockport’s filming trade thrives, the Town of Culture programme continues with various events in February, including the Mind, Body and Spirit Event, Make Stuff’s Family Edition, Create at Staircase – Mosaic In a Day, Year of the Dragon half-term crafts at Bridgehall Library, Stockport Race & Culture Awards 2024, and Stockport Symphony Orchestra – Bohemian Rhapsodic.

To discover more about Stockport as this year’s Greater Manchester Town of Culture, visit the dedicated website.

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